About Us

How did this crazy thing happen?

The OG version of this game was created when one of the founders was she was only 19. Bri went to college in a very small and boring place. Her and some sorority sisters created a version of this game on a poster board and would use it to pre-party or end many a crazy college nights. The beer-stained and decayed version of this game even traveled  throughout Europe when she studied abroad and to the beach over those college summers, but no matter where the game went, one thing was clear--everyone loved it and it made strangers into new friends overnight.

After college, Bri slowly forgot about this crazy and wild invention and it began to gather dust in the back of her boardgame closet amongst the other games. Until we fast forward to late 2017. On an annual trip to OBX with her friends, it fell out of the board game closet and she laughed and thought why not, a group of people in their late 20s and mid 30s will surely enjoy a game she created when she was 19?! She brought it and it was an instant hit with her friends asking to play it every night and proclaiming that they would loved it so much they would buy if it was sold in stores! 

Enter co-founder number 2, Laura. Laura and Bri have been friends for over 10 years and enjoyed successful careers in sales, but have always dreamed of owning their own business.  If Bri was the original brains, Laura is the hilarious crazy one that took butt wasted to the next level. Bri and Laura researched and decided to forge ahead... 

They ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that exceeded it's goal and are excited to now bring butt wasted to the masses so that everyone else (from new college students to adults on game night) can get to know their friends/family/coworkers better, make new friends and ultimately bring endless amounts of laughter and fun to any night!