How to Play

The game is simple. The goal is to be the first player to get from start to "finished". Each player rolls the die, moves their game piece, and follows whatever that space tells them to do. The space can instruct you to anything from take a sip or many sips from your drink, give away a drink or dranks, or  pick a "draw" or "social" card. Draw cards are basically individual "truth or dares" that can instruct that player to do anything from imitate the orgasm of the person on their left, talk like a baby until a 3 is rolled, or even make everyone in the room drink except for one person and publicly shame them as to why! Social cards mean that everyone in the game has to do what that card says and can include anything from making everyone perform a waterfall to making everyone switch shirts with the person on their right.
The game is ridiculous, hilarious, inappropriate and guaranteed to leave your group butt wasted and happy.